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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Slogging away

All the snow that came has gone, but the forecast is for more to arrive this weekend. We tried out the snowshoes while the snow was here and had a blast. They seemed really easy at first, almost lighter than no snowshoes at all. But after about 30 minutes, we got really, really tired! We’re looking forward to trying it again.

I’m still working on the new aria for the cantata. It’s a little scary – I’m trying to communicate what I feel Mary’s reaction would be when Jesus says “Do not cling to me.” I figure she’d be hopping mad. He just got there, for crying out loud, and he’s telling her he’s off again? At first blush, it seems like the perennial aversion to commitment a lot of men seem to have. But that’s not a common interpretation and I feel I have to be a little careful putting it across. So it’s a great challenge!


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