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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I don’t know why it never occurred to me, but there are hunters in the Simcoe Forest where Nick and I go walking regularly. And it’s hunting season for a variety of birds and animals. I was astounded the other day as we were climbing a hill to see a hunter in camouflage gear with his rifle slung casually behind his back coming down the hill. We were wearing dark clothing, and suddenly knowing that people with guns were also wandering the trails made me feel very uneasy.

So we went into town that day and got ourselves bright fluorescent orange vests which we now wear each time we go into the woods. While we were in town I noticed drivers wearing orange hats, pedestrians wearing orange vests, and store people with orange baseball caps. We seemed to be the only people unaware of the season. I didn’t have to worry about hunters when I walked in the woods in the last place I lived, because the woods were private property. I never saw another soul. But the Simcoe Forests are public, hunting is allowed, and I must put aside my outrage.


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