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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bits and Pieces

We’ve just had the most intense few days. The weather has been wild – very strong winds – up to 80 kph – with lots of branches and even trees brought down. Silly me, Nick and I went for a walk in the forest just as the wind was rising. Part way in, we saw enough fallen branches and heard enough suspicious snaps that we got smart, cut our walk short and got out of there. Then there were two power cuts but since the weather was actually fairly warm – plus 15 C – we were still pretty comfortable. It’s quiet and more seasonably cool now, although tomorrow it’s supposed to go up to 16 again.

I’m working away on a new electronic piece now, with a working title of Winter. I’m also considering what to do about a half hour recital I’ll be putting together for Huntsville, ON in July. I’m investigating some of Hildegard of Bingen’s works to see if maybe there’s some text there that will inspire me. I’m also looking at a song I wrote a while ago about an incident in the Three Musketeers novel that might be worth working up into something. There's still plenty of time before July so I can do the research.


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