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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

To Rake or Not To Rake

Cool and cloudy again.  Nick and I started raking leaves yesterday, but more than half the leaves are still on the trees.  We’ve missed the county pickup before, to our detriment.  So we are trying hard to have whatever we can bagged and ready to go just before Hallowe-en.  But short of climbing the trees to shake their branches, we’re still going to have lots to rake after the pickup has happened.  Last spring, we ended up trying to dispose of 20 yard waste bags that had been outside, wet and decomposing, during the winter.  For some reason, we had missed the fall pickup.  We had to rebag them, wearing gas masks so the molds didn’t bring on allergy attacks (which they did anyway).  We’ll try and compost what we can but there’s still a lot of leaves to dispose of.  So it makes for a tense time(!)  (I mean, in the grand scheme of things, how tense can you get worrying about leaves!  I guess it’s more of a niggling concern!)


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