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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Peace and Quiet

Okay, second blog of the day because I need to rant! Here I am, out in the country, finally, an achievement not easily arranged. I'm here for the quiet. I'm here to listen to the soft rustle of wind in the tree branches and to the birds chattering to each other as they search for food. I choose to be far from convenient stores, businesses and services so that I can be quiet. And what happens? All day long, I hear the heavy, low thrum of earthmovers and bulldozers. They'’re tearing down trees and building houses just down the road. AARRRGGHHHH!!! Just how far away do I have to move? Just how isolated to do I have to be to get a little peace and quiet? Can the earth really afford unlimited housing booms? I can understand why the obscenely wealthy buy huge tracts of land so they can put a house in the middle of it, far from neighbours, building projects or other irritations. Sheesh.


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