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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Baby Steps

Rainy, dark and not too cool. We got the best of the dried leaves mulched up and packaged away for the compost pile in the winter. Still lots of leaves to come, though.

Made a little progress with Cubasis as well. We figured out how to change the VST instruments, but now all 8 of Garritan’s sounds are going to one pair of faders in the VST mixer. There’s got to be some easy way of rerouting those signals, I would think, but we haven’t found it yet. It’s so frustrating, because the sounds are so lush and lovely, it makes you want to play all day with them. Just the little test notes I used sounded interesting and promising. My “to do” list is so big, though, that finding the time to get this up and running has been really difficult. Sigh.


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