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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Still No Internet

Another day without the Internet. Yikes. Starting to feel very deprived. Lucky I can post these later.

I’m almost at the end of Lilies. I keep looking at the piano line and thinking it’s boring, but I want a very soft, clear background for the voices and no fancy distracting stuff. So the poor pianist will just have to enjoy the texture of the sound and look somewhere else for technical challenges. My apologies in advance.

I’ve started to put in dynamics – another sort of tedious job that I don’t much enjoy. And I’ve filled in the missing lyrics, and updated word extensions and hyphens. So it’s getting close to publishable. Very exciting.

And it’s another mid-September day with temperatures in the 30 degree Celsius range – incredibly unusual for Ontario. I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Yesterday, a tiny little frog was enjoying it too. He hung out by the garbage can and let me take pictures of him. I started to get quite attached!


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