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Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Morning Terror

Terror is an ugly thing. Logically, I have no real reason to be feeling it. Things are much the same as they were yesterday and the day before. But today, suddenly, I feel as if nothing I do is good enough. I feel as though I’ve been lazy, slacked off and put myself in a situation where even if I worked for the next 24 hours straight, I wouldn’t get done what needs to get done. And logically, I know it’s not true. All I’ve done is given myself a break, slept in a little on the weekend, and had a comfortable, unhurried time. But Monday morning brings my mother’s voice shouting “Get up! You haven’t done X, Y or Z yet and it’s already 9 o’clock! And don’t forget there’s A, B and C to do as well.”

There’s an eclipse coming too, on October 3rd. So there’s increasing tension in the air. Makes you want to tuck your head back under your blankets and sleep for a week.

Instead, I will look at another lovely picture of the Simcoe Forest, continue working away at the projects in hand, count my blessings, and try my hardest to ignore that old, negative, grinding voice.


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