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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lilies, still

This "Lilies" piece is still driving me mad. It's all I hear day and night and I probably won't quit hearing it until it's finished. I'm still going through and finding holes, places where I'd hadn't written in accompaniment. In one or two places it's deliberate. I am aiming for a light, almost sparse texture. But mostly I was planning to put in accompanying chords and now I have to do the work. Sometimes, I get surprised and find really interesting notes. When that happens it's a lot of fun. Usually, though, it's pretty firm in my head what I was expecting to hear, and I just have to take the time to figure it out and notate it. Mainly it's the piano part that is missing bits, and I'm trying to make the part interesting enough for the pianist to want to play it and not get bored, but still keep it under the voices. Every once in a while, I get carried away and write a neat little lick but on listening back, find that it's too distracting and I have to take it out. I'm probably working it too hard. Nick says I should leave it as is, holes and all, and just get some people to rehearse it and see what it sounds like. I wonder if that would work.


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