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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


All summer long, they were good-natured visitors to the feeder, taking their turns poking their long needle beaks into the flower cups, always one at a time. The ruby-throated hummingbirds were tiny, elegant, cautious but enthusiastic feeders. As soon as the cooler weather hit, though, squabbles broke out. Two would swoop in simultaneously, cheeping, one chasing the other away. Over and over again it would happen until I finally figured out that I was watching a union steward chase a procrastinating lout who was putting off starting the long migration south. Not wanting to get on the bad side of this mighty militant, I removed the feeder for the winter. Next thing I know I have one hummingbird staring dumbfounded at the place where the feeder used to hang. Then he zooms closer to the window to peer at me, and I could hear him saying "Hey! What gives?" Then, clearly disgusted by my lack of action, he swooped off.

Later, as I sat in my chair by the open french doors, I could hear a frustrated squeak from the area of the mising feeder, then another ruby-throated male flew and "stood" motionless in the air just on the other side of the screen door, glaring at me. After one final stern "cheep" off he flew to warn the others.

You just can't win.


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