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Friday, September 02, 2005

Getting Going

The hummingbirds are fighting, the wind is rising and bright red and yellow leaves are falling. After an unusually hot summer, signs of the coming winter are already visible making the holiday traffic travelling north to cottage country seem like it's racing against time itself. It's hard not to feel sad when I see the faded green of the forests past their summer prime, even as I enjoy the sultry but surprisingly strong breezes ruffling the mature leaves. I've seen two flocks of geese heading south in their distinctive V formations. The hummingbirds which had seemed so good-natured during the summer are pretty feisty now. They're probably both looking forward to their upcoming long migration and procrastinating actually starting off. And here I sit equally happy and grumpy as the summer ends and the winter season approaches.

Happily, I'm nearing completion of my piece for chorus, clarinet and piano. The thing has been going around and around in my head mercilessly for the past few weeks and I'll be really glad to have it set down so I can move on. I had fun with the original creation, sketching out the parts, moving back and forth between the voices and the clarinet. I had followed the excitement, and just left myself markers for filling in the harmonies, and that's what I'm working on now. I find it's harder work. Keeping up with the melodic impetus in the heat of the moment is a lot of fun. Going back to fill in the holes, however satisfying, is kind of tedious. This is when all the critical voices in my mind speak the loudest and it's hard to resist throwing the whole thing out. But in my heart, I believe it's good and my husband thinks it's good and there's a need for more music in the world.

So on I go!


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