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Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Full Moon Cometh

Still fighting with Lilies. I started putting in the dynamics with Finale, but I think I'll be giving that job back to Nick. Now, I’m trying to get a decent midi realization out of it. I'm using Garritan Personal Orchestra and Cubasis for the first time, and sorting out how to get a good mix. I got the instrument voices working, so next will be doing the mix. That's heaps more fun for me than putting in dynamics!

It's cool but sunny, and around 22 degrees Celsius. We'’re waiting for our organic farm supplier to deliver our groceries and then we'’ll be off to the wood. The Full Moon is approaching, as I could probably tell by the intensely heated discussions Nick and I have been having. But the discussions are all working out extremely well, as we get to know each other better. We start off yelling, and crying and carrying on but the most amazing understandings come out of them - like how he's treating me like his mother treated him, and how I expect things to go wrong, and when they do I feel like it's reality and not wish fulfillment. All very interesting but very hard work, as we both struggle to change old habits.


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