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Sunday, September 11, 2005

End of Summer

A hot, sunny Sunday. Nick and I are trying to clean and organize the studio but the longer we work, the more things get piled into the centre of the room and the more disorganized it all seems. Electric cables and computer wires snake around our ankles, tripping us as we try stepping over them. Stacks of paper refuse to remain sorted and flop over in disagreeable piles. Miscellaneous sheet music glares out from the loaded music stands. And all the while, I can feel the soft breeze through the windows whispering “Summer’s over. Summer’s over.”

There are these moments of stillness, between the back-to-school excitement of new beginnings and the last of the summer’s rest - moments where I watch the trees swaying in the golden afternoon sunlight and feel at peace with the world, and yes, usually a little sad. I have absorbing new projects to work on, hence the need to get the studio in shape. But I’m still lingering with my summer dreams, enjoying the feel of bare legs in shorts and bare arms in summer tops as the shadows lengthen. Idly, I watch the sudden gust of leaves skip along the road and think about snowplows. There’s a patch of brilliant red leaves at the top of the maple in the front yard, but most of it is still green. Time to grab Nick and go for a walk in the woods.

We’ll finish the studio tomorrow.


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